Beer tasting Dinner at Food Studio

Awake your gustation by combining fine tastes provided by head chef of Food Studio and the master brewer of Põhjala - Estonian Craft Beer company!
On 21st of March at 18:00 there will be held 1st combined Estonian craft beer tasting and fine dine event at Food Studio - a cooking class venue known for creating memorable workshops and events.

Sample menu:
Welcoming Drink: "Uus Maailm" / San Diego Session IPA
Welcoming snack: Flared creamy goat cheese with caramelised barley

Cold appetiser: Lightly salted whitefish with rye bread

Drink: "Rukkirääk" / Rye ale

Warm appetiser: Muscat-pumpkin consommé with chanterelle

Drink: "Saak" / Pumpkin ale

For relaxation: "Kreuzberg" / Berliner Weisse

Main Course: Sous de vide beef in beer sauce, potato and parsnip puree, sweet vegetables and sauce of black gold

Drink: "Must Kuld" / Porter

Dessert: Black plum creme brûlée

Drink: "Pime Öö" / Imperial Stout
Price: 59€ / per person
Hurry as places are limited!

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