Estonian Food Month 04.09-04.10.2016

Estonian Food Month offers on the Estonian Culinary Route

Whether Estonian food and food culture is being served up to you at a modest little farm place or at a restaurant renowned for being one of the country’s best – and whether they’re serving you simple country fare, medieval victuals, dishes from the aristocratic period of Estonia’s past, Soviet-era food or modern takes on traditional cuisine – it all has one thing in common.
The thing that links them all is the values shared by the companies you’ll find on the Estonian Culinary Route:
  • four very different seasons, clearly reflected on our table;
  • the diverse culinary regions of Estonia, each with its own particular outlook;
  • a Northern European climate, forests rich in produce and game, waters teeming with fish, fertile fields and grasslands abundant in species; and
  • smart farmers and chefs who contribute to boosting the value of their products.
Take a look at the special offers during Estonian Food Month
on the Estonian Culinary Route

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