Food tour with a cooking class

Combined introductory Tallinn Food Tour culminating with 2-course hands-on cooking class in one of the best cooking class venues in Tallinn.

What is the Estonian cuisine, what are its roots, and where is it heading to?
To find out, take a short guided stroll in Tallinn city centre combined with some nice typical for Estonia food & drink stops en route.
This introductory food tour is followed by 2-course hands-on cooking course at one of the best food labs in Tallinn.

The tour combines the best part of our signature food tour with city sightseeing en route, and is conducted by our professional tour guides. You’ll have a chance to taste typical for Estonia black rye bread, our famous open faced spiced sprats sandwiches, national drink “Kama”, a special marzipan with its recipe dating back to 15th century, a shot of Sea-Buckthorn schnapps, which is rich in natural vitamin-c, and a non-alcoholic drink called “Kali”.
After awakening your gustation you’re invited to Academic Food Lab for a special 2-course hands-on cooking course, where everyone in the group will have a chance to participate and learn a great deal about preparing some typical for Estonia main course and dessert from fresh local seasonal ingredients.

Package price is €70 per person with minimum 10 participants per event

The program includes:
  • Tasting of famous open faced spiced sprats and mushrooms-sauce sandwiches, along with a national drink “Kama” - which’s prepared from a blend of grains mixed with soured milk or yoghurt.
  • Tasting and legend of famous marzipan, which recipe is dating back to the beginning of 15th century.
  • In order to warm you up a bit you’ll be served a shot of local Sea-Buckthorn schnapps, which comes from a small local production unit of one of the best rural restaurants in Estonia.
  • Non-alcoholic traditional drink “Kali”, with some bites of dried black bread tipped into roasted beet hummus.
  • Hands-on cooking class around the teaching islands, which is contributing to an intimate and personal experience conducted by Estonian master-chef instructor. Academic Food Lab combines classical cooking with modern techniques, using Estonian local seasonal ingredients as a base for their menus.
  • The event culminates with 2-course dining in a cozy dining room of the food lab.
The cooking course includes:
  • complimentary appetizer
  • 2-course menu, prepared by the guests
  • recipes
  • coffee/tea/water
Supplementary: there is a proper wine and drink list available at the food lab. All the drinks ordered in addition to the above menu are payable on spot by the guests.

Please see the sample menu and more info about the event by clicking here
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