Tallinn Street Food Festival

1st Tallinn Street Food Festival was held in the middle of June 2014

1st Tallinn Street Food Festival was held in Telliskivi Loomelinnak on June 15th. This is 1st time this kind of event is held in Baltic countries, and Tallinn Street Food Festival probably set the mark for the similar street food events to be launched in Baltic's near future.
The aim of the street food festival was to promote and find the most authentic Estonian Street Food. 64 different variations of street food was set for the competition, judged by the jury of some of the top chefs in Estonia. This competition was part of EXPO Milano 2015 street food topic, and the winning street food will be served in Estonian pavilion in Milano.
Among typical hamburgers and hot-dogs typical for Estonians food was served and presented in street food manner. There were also nearly 20 different national theme street food booths, serving for instance tacos and Mediterranean style street food.

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